How do we do it?

Air Cargo Azerbaijan specializes in the shipping and handling of oversized or irregularly shaped cargo. When you have large items that can’t be broken down into smaller, lighter-weight segments, we will come up with a transport solution. We even have experience moving products that are too heavy to transport on roads. Whether your cargo requires flatbed trucks or special volume cargo aircrafts, we’ve got you covered.

Air Cargo Azerbaijan keeps your business in motion and your cargo on track.

Air Cargo Azerbaijan is a privately owned international Freight Forwarding company , with a reputation for providing outstanding quality that continues to secure a loyal customer base.
Our company came from an international shipping and logistic experience and its highly trained staff ensure that each shipment is handled is a personalized way, thereby maximizing efficiency and minimizing the risk involved in transportation.
Innovative airfreight road freight and sea freight services with special solutions are the core of ACA’s strategy.

Our main directions:

Site survey / feasibility studies (routes, weather, political climate)
Consulting, planning and booking to find unique solutions for Oversize cargo situations
Full / part charter party (air charters, time / voyage charters)
Intermodal transport (rail, tug barge, heavy lift)
Special equipment transport (flat racks, open tops, platforms ..)
Organizes security escort of cargo.
Cargo insurance, covering the whole transport chain
Administration (customs clearance, trade documentation)

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